5 Pro-Tips on wearing Matte Lipsticks - Prevent Dry lips

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The Team at Haus of Luxe is going to give you 5 PRO-TIPS on how to apply and flawlessly wear your matte Lippy's. A Matte Lipstick can turn any look from Simple to Glam, but most complaints that result from wearing matte lipstick lie in the application and the flaking — resulting in dry lips. So we have spoken to some amazing makeup artists who shared their beauty secrets with us. 

haus of luxe liquid matte lipstick


"Exfoliating" is the Key to wearing a Perfect Matte Lip. Dry and Flaky Lips can create a patchy uneven look and prevents your Lipstick from lasting longer. 

Apply some Vaseline to your lips and use a tooth brush to gently exfoliate your lips. You can also use a Sugar scrub. We absolutely Love the Lush Bubble Gum Scrub


After exfoliating, it’s extremely important to Hydrate. So apply a lip-balm to add some hydration back to your lips. Allow the balm to sink it before applying your lipstick, this way there won’t be any shine ruining your matte look, and your lips will remain looking smooth all day long, too.


Using a Lip primer will both keep your matte lipstick firmly in place and also keep it from settling in to any dryness on your lips. It's important to have a base for your lipstick to hang onto.

We love MAC Prep + Prime Lip


Don’t mess with lip brushes when it comes to matte. That will  make your lipstick look streaky and uneven. Apply your colour straight from the applicator it comes with and directly onto your prepped lips for maximum perfection


To keep things nice and neat, apply some lip liner along your lip line. Whether you use a shade that matches your lipstick or one that’s natural-hued, either will do. The lip liner will help further create a smooth base for your matte colour to sit on while also ensuring that it stays on through dinner, drinks, and whatever else you’re doing that day.


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